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Buying Properties at the Time of Covid-19

Amidst the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic brought all of us financially with a lot of establishments closing down due to the restrictions of mobility in doing the business, as well as the freedom to just move around, the world of real estate continues to flourish.

Buying and selling a property is already stressful as it is in addition to navigating the process that we have to go through because of the current situation, the real estate industry like any other industry has found ways to serve the clients at the comforts of their own home.

Real Estate Buying has moved online

While real estate property listings have been around for some time, it is only now that buyers prefer to check this out more over the traditional calling an agent for a tripping in your preferred village/subdivision/commercial area. Online Property listings offer a wide array of properties that you can view. Most of these listings already have a virtual tour of the place as well as the actual photos of the property listed. Details are all accurate, such as the floor area, floor plan, number of rooms, number of toilets and baths, list of the furnishings, and some appliances included if ever you decide to purchase or lease. Another plus is, most of these property listings already have a mortgage calculator that you can easily use to check if the said property will fit your budget.

Trusted Real Estate Agents 

These property listings are always monitored by the moderator of these websites. Real Estate Agents listed on these websites are also thoroughly selected and went through an extensive set of trainings especially selling during the Covid 19 pandemic. You will always be sure that you are talking and transacting with a professional.

The new norm during Tripping.

Of course, some buyers still prefer the traditional in-person viewing of the properties. While sellers can still accommodate these requests, RE/Max agents are trained to advise their clients to wear face masks, face shields, disposable gloves, maintain 1-meter social distancing, and to always bring their own alcohols.

To protect the buyer and to avoid unnecessary touching of doors in the properties to be viewed, the agents are assigned to open the doors and the cabinets and closets. Keeping in mind to always use hand sanitizers and limit attendees to no more than two people at a time.

Do research online as much as possible.

The process of home viewing may be different from how it was done before the pandemic. Platforms like and its partner app (name?) can help you determine if the property is the one for you.

Research on the short-listed properties as much as possible, drive on the neighborhood, if possible, watch the walk-through as many times as you want, and read more about the location of the property in question. And on the day of the tripping, try to bring your own car. Coordinate only with your contacted Real Estate Agent and keep your distance.

While buying a property now is challenging, arming yourself with someone who only values your financial considerations but your health and safety also can make the buying process effectively and efficiently smooth.

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