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Finding A Reliable Real Estate Broker in The Philippines – Tips You Need to Know

However, the gains on selling the property are enormous with the current buyer’s market for the OFWs and affordable segments of Class D and E with seller’s market of segment A, B, and C (Upper Society or Upper Middle to Low Middle Class). There has been a slowdown in the demand however people are still dreaming of owning property either for immediate need as a home or as a profitable rental business.

Anyways, here are some tips in finding a reliable realty practitioner:

1.) Set an Appointment – It would be wiser for sellers/buyers to get to know first the person you are negotiating with. Make an interview him or her and get to know him/her well.

2.) Qualifications: Is he/she a licensed realty practitioner? He can show his qualifications on hand with a resume, a calling card with a license to practice on it. Plus, the contact numbers or he/she has a website it will have plenty of information about him/her on his short bio etc. As of today, most Filipino brokers/realtors follow the Republic Act 9646: Real Estate Service Act of 2009 on which the Implementing rules and regulations plus the code of ethics are still in the process. 

The Philippine Regulatory Board on Real Estate Services under the Professional Regulations Commission (PRBES-PRC) oversees all the regulations in the practice of the Realty Profession. Other suggestions for sellers is to further investigate and research the person you want to contact by reaching the following websites for realty practitioners as bona fide members of good standing Certified Real Estate Brokers (CRBs) who are members of Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP), for Realtors or members of Philippine Association of Realtors Board (PAREB) and contact their organizational secretariats to verify.

3.) Knowledge and expertise – he/she must know the current condition or state of the properties he would be selling off. Sometimes will ask for a meet-up with a seller and make an ocular inspection on the said property. Also, must be updated with current tax laws and property zoning and valuation especially for commercial properties. Don’t forget to ask what his / her real estate specialization is to narrow down your interviews and the person you are looking for. There are real estate practitioners who are very good in general brokerage, others may be focused only on project selling and marketing on newly developed markets, others maybe engage in raw land or farmland selling.

4.) Marketing experience – he/she would ask questions ranging from the size of the lot area, the price you are selling your property and any terms or conditions from modes of payment, other pertinent information like history of the home, the tax declaration and also ask for the photocopy of the transfer of title certificate. A buyer should be open to some suggestions of a reliable real estate broker on payment terms for an example. A seller should also be flexible with some terms as long as it is feasible and would all benefit the party in liquidating the property.

5.) Network – A reliable realty broker/realtor must be connected with clients looking for properties and at the same have built a large network among fellow brokers from within the organization he or she is a member of. Realty Brokers / Realtors have Multiple Listing System (MLS) for realtors (members of Philippine Association of Realtors Board or PAREB) and Property Listing System (PLS) for Certified Real Estate Brokers (CRBs) for members of Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) wherein they can post online within their organization website or show the listing during organization meetings for the broker to get help in marketing and selling off your property immediately.


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