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Looking for a Real Estate Agent? Here’s what you need to know.

Investing in Real Estate, whether buying or leasing a property is both an exciting and time-consuming decision. Although it may seem that you can do everything on your own, coordinate directly with the buyer yourself, arming yourself with a trusted Real Estate Agent is one of the best choices you will make. 

These real estate professionals can assist you from the smallest thing to the biggest decision you will have to make in the process. These Real Estate Professionals have also undergone trainings that educated them about the Do’s and Don’ts of property selling.

While there are a lot of Real Estate Agents all over the Marketplace, take note of these items before committing to one:


Before committing your property to an agent make sure to check their license first. It gives you a sense of security knowing that your investment is in good hands and the person handling it has been recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Some agents are a member of the recognized organizations for certified real estate brokers, such as Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP), and the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders Association (CREBA).

Such membership to these organizations lets you know that you have made the right choice in choosing your real estate sales agent as these organizations regulate their practice of the profession to the highest standards.

Set an Appointment

Ask questions not just about the property that you are interested in but also about the real estate agent’s experience, their practices, and also observe how they answer these questions as this is how you will be able to warm up to each other and eventually build trust and confidence on your part.

Slowly ask if they have encountered a difficult sale or client and how they were able to overcome it.

Google Them

The internet almost has everything that you need to know. Including records or reports about a person. These real estate sales agents usually have their Facebook page where they advertise their properties for sale and this is where you can also find their past clients and if they have something good or bad to say.

Know your rights.

Not all real estate transactions move smoothly, and when everything turns south, bear in mind that you can pull out of the agreement as long as there have been no official documents signed yet. Some developers have rules regarding the number of times that you can switch a real estate sales agent as they also protect their account executives but if you can thoroughly explain why you suddenly want to change your agent, you will be allowed to do so.

You can easily find a real estate sales agent anywhere but keep in mind that buying a property might be a once in a lifetime experience, so make sure you find the best person to partner with.

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